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April 09, 2018

Hola, Welcome to this "about me" page. With all the cutest and pretty smile from this warm heart author for you all the readers

First thing first before we jump into who am I, lemme tell you a story.People mostly asked "kok namanya ciwi traveling? bukan nama sendiri? kan brandingnya lebih gampang".

The first reason, my complete name is zevikurniasari dewi, without any space before dewi. It will be too long and too complicated. 

Second, I used the word travelling to make people easier to find out that the niche of this blog is travel

Third, sebenarnya maunya pake nama zevi travelling namun berasa so awkward dan terkesan narsis. lalu seorang teman memberi masukan namanya diganti "zevi the traveler". Thanks it sounds exactly like the annoying dora the explorer. 

Then, we come to the conclusion. I am woman, and in Indonesia lagi booming manggil temen sesama perempuan dengan sebutan ciwi. Otak suntuk kemudian memilih ciwi traveling sebagai nama blog.

Sekian, kamu bisa contact saya di zeviksd@gmail.com

With love,

Ciwi travelling

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  1. Hola salam kenal ciwi ehh zevi, sesama rang pasuruan. Semuga next bisa kupdaran yes.


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